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Review of Elvie's performance as Man 1 in Songs For A New World

"Ellis brings down the house with everything he touches from the opening montage to his winningly good 'Steam Train' where he’s decked out to run the race of his life with athleticism and grace to the hilt. ...Ellis was so endearing and heartfelt I had to stop myself from weeping out loud. "

- Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Elvie Ellis displays an incredible range from the soulful 'On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492' to his energetic 'The Steam Train' to his heartbreaking 'Flying Home.'"

- Rachel F. Goldberg, Broadway World

Elvie Named as Recipient for Actor's Equity Foundation Award

Elvie Ellis and Rachel Fobbs have been chosen as the 2020 recipients of The Actors’ Equity Foundation’s Roger Sturtevant Award. The Roger Sturtevant Award is given annually to two Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) who have each demonstrated outstanding talent and skill in musical theatre. The recipients are chosen based on an application, recommendation letters, and a video audition that are then evaluated by a panel of Foundation members and CSA Casting Directors.

Review of Elvie's Performance of "Job" in New Works by Adam LaPorte

"'Job' by Elvie Ellis is deeply moving and biblical, leaving "no dry eye in the house" as they say. Well, certainly leaving no dry eye in THIS house. The "patron saint of directionless complaints", Ellis pulls this number off with profound emotion and a glorious range, and it's a heart-wrenching moment."

- Adrienne Proctor, Broadway World

Review of Elvie's Performance as Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show

"Elvie Ellis is Riff Raff, the overseer of his master’s castle.  He is flamboyant with a mischievous glint that is just as foreboding as the Narrators glare.   Riff Raff seems slightly disgruntled, as if his master has found another minion to replace him.  Ellis is a master at the unsaid."

- Elizabeth Hurd, OKC Art Scene and Hurd

Review of Elvie's Performance in Titanic

"Elvie Ellis as Charles Clarke...give[s] awe inspiring performances."

- Elizabeth Hurd, OKC Art Scene and Hurd

Review of Elvie's Performance in Curious George: The Golden Meatball 

"Elvie[s] various characters with energy and skill."

- Larry Laneer, LL Curtain Call

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